Life in your hand

Anders Veetman Kalmose

Anders Veetman Kalsmose has worked with palm reading since 1989. He is self-taught and has worked independently since 1993. "Life in your hand" is based on his extensive experience gained from the numerous clients he has had throughout the years around the world. Anders Veetman Kalsmose has appeared in several newspaper interviews and in Radio and Television.

The book can be read by anyone, regardless of their background - it uses simple language and provides new ways for the art of reading the hand. The book describes how man's spiritual structure, relationships, children and jobs can be seen in the hand. The well-known writer and musician Lars Muhl has written the foreword to the book, and he wrote;

"Now Anders has written a book, and, as he says, it will probably be the only book he's going to write in this incarnation. Whether this is now going to be true or not, it is important to understand that this little, big book, is the result of a lifetime of esoteric and practical experience expressed through working with other people. "Life in your hand" elevates traditional palm reading to a new level. While the book is practical and ready to go to, it leaves room so that we as users of it can develop using our own intuition, and seize our own mythology, where the true reading is going on."

"The book is not a technical palm reading book in the traditional sense - the book removes the esoteric and mystical and makes it simple to read hands."

The book can be purchased from Lemuel books or your bookstore, but cannot be purchased directly from Anders.